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Meet Paige, the owner of PDB hair, an organic, biodynamic and vegan hair salon in Jewellery Quarter. We love PDB and all the ways in which they aim to make hair care more eco-friendly.

PDB make sure all their hair care products, from colours to shampoos (and everything in between), are sourced with a sustainable mindset. Their colours are fully vegan and are free of parabens, silicone and sulphates. These reduced chemical products make hair care safer for the client, stylist and planet!

The salon operates as a space for independent stylists with similar intentions in reducing environmental impact and using ethically sourced products. Paige is the owner of the salon and says she believes, by allowing the space to operate this way, it attracts stylists with true sustainable and ethical goals.

We asked Paige some questions:

Which ways do you take sustainability into consideration when running your business?

There are many ways in which I try my very hardest with not being wasteful and to be as sustainable as possible.

Firstly, since CV19 I have stopped magazines all together, prior to covid I had a monthly subscription. I figured that looking at others in magazines and reading what the media can say about people isn’t healthy for the mind, but as well as this, these magazines get thrown away on a monthly basis. In the future I have an idea of doing a book exchange where people can donate books and take and bring back as they please, kind of like a mini library.

I use Scrummi Towels, which are 100% compostable, biodegrade in 8 weeks, are vegan and are made from soft and natural wood fibres from their sustainable forestry programs. I also use reusable gloves so that I am not wasting single use plastic gloves. I use ECO Heads to save with water consumption.

I purchase from organic and sustainable brands, Oway, Everygreen, GLOWWA where all packaging is plastic free and some of the brands plant tree with every order. I give away all my empty glass bottles free of charge, people turn them into, glasses, plant pots, centre pieces for weddings and much more. With Oway I do a refill scheme and I am also a water Refill station too.

I probably do more, but to think about each one is so difficult when it is just something you do naturally now.

What do you love about running your business?

I would say it is definitely the people; as a hairdresser you meet so many people from every walk of life, and as a no judgement person I love it. I am always asking my clients questions and finding things out, things that I would have never even thought about or learnt about if it wasn’t for that client sat in my chair. Honestly the things you learn about the world and people is amazing.

I love to be that salon; I love hearing people say, “You’re the only Organic / Vegan & Cruelty Free / Sustainable salon I can find”. Even after being here as PDB Hair for 4 years, it still brings a smile to my face that I am what people are looking for and want from a salon. It’s a shame there aren’t more in Birmingham, but that’s where I get my niche from too, Right? Obviously I love the look on people’s faces when they finally have their dream hair.

And finally, what do you love about Birmingham?

I would say this is very similar to the previous question, it has to again be the people.

Also, being in the jewellery quarter, it’s a lovely unit, and especially being a part of the JQ Bid, they are all so lovely and always happy to help. Always stopping by checking all is going well, I really don’t feel like I’d get that in other areas.

If you fancy booking an appointment or scrolling their Instagram you can visit PDB hair at https://www.pdbhair.co.uk/ and @PDB_hair.

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