WXRKINGCLVSS – Where Community and Clothes Meet


WXRKINGCLVSS is a holistic clothing brand that encapsulates the places and people that

shape us all in Birmingham.

The brand strives to be a positive player in the lives of those who compose these communities, making quality clothing without any negative impacts to

the planet or people. They hold close the value of quality, respect and integrity in every

piece they produce.

They’re designs are printed in the UK on 100% organic cotton garments that are produced

utilising renewable electricity sources, and these are delivered to your door wrapped neatly

in a plant-based parcel.

Their circular economy ethos shouts the message that these clothes are made to be

remade! This creates space for consumers to send back their garments to be transformed

into new pieces for the wardrobe and if they cannot be made into new items of clothing the

material is recycled with a guarantee of zero items returned to landfill!

We asked WXRKINGCLVSS some questions to get to know them a little better:

Which ways do you take sustainability into consideration when running your business?

There is no need for profit to come at the expense of people or the planet so as a brand it’s

important that we make a genuine effort to limit how much we are contributing to the


So being mindful of how the garments we source have been produced and what processes

are being used to alter them is something we try to be pretty conscientious of.

The company we use to produce our garments is called Temill below are the reasons that it

made perfect sense for us to partner with them.


  • Work from a print to order model (so a garment is only made if an order has been put in for it)
  • Use GM free organic cotton
  • Use low waste printing tech
  • Work out of a renewable energy powered factory
  • Have an incentivised circular initiative called remill

What do you love about running your business?

I work in mental health, so it provides me some balance, in the sense that it gives me a

break to do something light-hearted and creative in my spare time.

The potential also, there’s a very long way to go but the potential to see an idea grow and

evolve into something beyond clothing. 

For example, I’d love to get this platform to a point where it could raise funds for

organisations that do great work in the community or have a branch of the brand that

eventually operated in the community as a charity itself.

And finally, what do you love about Birmingham?

The multi-culture, looking back on my childhood I’m really glad that I grew up around people

from different backgrounds. I love that our city is a diverse place.

Birmingham is home, it’s the place where I’ve gained the life lessons, experiences and idea

of community that I have. 

WXRKINGCLVSS is a brand that is inspired by the above, so in a sense you could say has been inspired by Birmingham too.

We are loving WXRKINGCLVSS and their attitude toward fashion! Visit their online shop

here: wxrkingclvss.com and follow them on Instagram @WXRKINGCLVSS to keep up to date

with all their new and exciting endeavors!

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