Atypical- Meaningful Jewellery for you and the planet

Josefina is the jeweller behind Atypical Thing – she makes beautiful jewellery using traditional silver- and goldsmithing from recycled precious metals. She started the business in 2018, having trained in jewellery, before working in retail, which opened her eyes to sustainability, having seen how wasteful that industry can be. The beauty of using pure metals is that they are infinitely recyclable, losing almost no quality in the process. She also runs jewellery making workshops, which are not only a fantastic way to learn a new skill, and a brilliant way to socialise, but also makes the piece much more meaningful – the feeling of wearing something you’ve made is wonderful!

We asked Josefina some questions:

What do you need to consider to ensure your business is as sustainable as possible?

  • I don’t use virgin metals, and instead use recycled metals (from known sources, or those that I have recycled myself) to avoid mining and the risks coming from that
  • I use eco-friendly methods, and avoid casting, which commonly happens in China, where chemicals are used, regulations are minimal, and working conditions poor, so instead opt for traditional silver- or goldsmithing techniques
  • I aim to make beautiful timeless pieces, that are not driven by fashion trends, and instead will be cherished for years, and handed down to others
  • I avoid using chemicals to clean, and instead clean naturally
  • When it comes to packaging, I use recycled card, and simple packaging (because who re-uses jewellery boxes, anyway?!), to avoid complicating the recycling process, without compromising on the gift-worthiness

What do you love about running your business?

“It’s my little baby! I can make choices that reflect me as a person – I love handcrafting & sustainability. I also love sharing my knowledge during workshops”

And finally, what do you love about Birmingham?

I’m a Brummie and love how much Birmingham has grown over the years, with both independent businesses and small, flourishing communities popping up. The people are also so friendly!”

You can find Atypical Thing on Instagram (@atypical.thing) or purchase beautiful jewellery on her website (

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