GoBoat Birmingham- Set sail on an eco-adventure

Introducing GoBoat Birmingham, a self-driving boating experience that you can enjoy and feel sustainably conscious about!

With GoBoat you can hire and captain eco-friendly motor-boats and explore Birmingham’s famous canals.

Hire one of these boats and captain your own adventure! You and 7 friends or family members can see the canals in style. Even dogs are welcome!

We asked GoBoat some questions to find out more about them.

Which ways do you take sustainability into consideration when running your business?

We take sustainability into consideration with each key business decision we make. For example, our boats are made from predominantly recycled bottles, powered by electric engines so there is no noise or environmental pollution from the operation of our business. We use sustainable materials in the construction of our infrastructure whenever possible and utilise eco-friendly cleaning products for our boats. We run canal-clean ups in our locations so that we can help to eliminate waste in the UK waters, and proactively encourage our customers not to bring plastics on our boats.

What do you love about running your business?

The people! We have a happy crew, that create lasting memories for our customers. We are a people first business, and this is something we are very proud of.

And finally, what do you love about Birmingham?

The canal network of Birmingham is simply stunning. The canals in Birmingham have so much history, and they are a vital part of the Birmingham’s heritage. Birmingham was at the centre of the Industrial Revolution and the canals were the backbone – we hope GoBoat Birmingham will offer our customers the chance to view the city’s industrial heritage from a new perspective.

Find them on Instagram @Goboat and book your first ride here: https://goboat.co.uk/birmingham/

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