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ByLouMoffat is for the print-obsessed looking for slow fashion and sustainable accessories!

Lou set up the brand in 2020, after graduating from a Fashion Design degree at Falmouth Uni. She hand-draws print designs, which take inspiration from the psychedelic eras of the 60s and 70s, combining vintage motifs with contemporary colourways. 

Her designs are printed sustainably onto a range of fabrics by a London-based company who use eco-friendly dyes and water-free manufacturing. The fabric is then sent back to Lou, who sews it up into a range of products, from dresses and tops to tote bags, headbands and cushion covers, in her home studio.

What sorts of things does she consider to ensure her business is sustainable?

The business is set up to be as sustainable as possible so every component, from zips to packaging, is sourced from within the UK to lower the carbon footprint. 

She also has a zero-waste policy, with each product being made to order, including getting the fabric printed, so there is very little waste involved in the manufacturing process. If there is any scrap fabric it is used to make other products, such as scrunchies, patchwork clothing and patchwork wash bags, and any scraps too small to repurpose into new products are recycled within the UK and turned new fabric used in car interiors. 

All her fabric is printed with a company in London who use water-based and eco inks which are much kinder to the environment. 

She sources organic fabric as much as possible, and 50% off the fabric she gets printed are actually woven within the UK, the rest being woven in the EU. 

She also uses deadstock fabric, which is any leftover materials that can’t be used for their original purpose so would otherwise end up in landfill.

What do you love about running your business?

“There are so many things I love about running my business, but one of my fave things is my customers! I love when I do markets and get to meet customers who have bought from Etsy or follow me on Instagram – it’s an amazing feeling and I’ve made some fab friends this way too! I also love just being able to create what I love without any limitations. I think it’s rare in the creative industry that you don’t work to a set brief or create work that’s critiqued by others you work with/work for, so it’s amazing being able to have the freedom to produce work I’m passionate about and that I fully love.”

What do you love about Birmingham?

“Being a Brummie is fab! I think Birmingham gets a lot of stick, but personally I love it! I think it’s so multicultural and diverse – there’s such a range of art, music etc that over the past few years have really given it a great up-and-coming creative scene.”

Find ByLouMoffat on Instagram (@byloumoffat), shop her collections at or contact Lou via email (

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