Earthy Nail Polish- Nailing the eco-beauty business

Earthy Nail Polish sell nail polishes in an array of beautiful colours, plus remover and cuticle oils, that are made using natural materials and in sustainable packaging. “Sustainability for us is not just about the environment – we believe sustainability is living in an inclusive society that looks at the interdependencies between the environment, society and the economy.” They have three pillars to the business: Better for you, Better for Animals and Better for the Planet.

Better for you

  • Their polishes are plant-based (85% Biosourced & 79% Natural Origin) & include ingredients that improve the condition of your nails
  • Their remover is 100% Acetone and Acetate Free

Better for Animals

  • Their products are Vegan (no animal derived ingredients), Cruelty-Free and they do not sell in regions that require testing on animals

Better for the Planet

  • They have replaced single use plastic with bamboo – bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than trees, absorbs five times the amount of carbon dioxide then trees & self regenerates in 3-4 months!
  • They have removed excess packaging
  • They have taken plastic from landfill to produce their inner seal thus actively reducing plastic waste.
  • You can return bottles and caps to Earthy Nail Polish to clean and reuse for their circular economy program

They also have a dedicated collection which donates 25% of its value to Stop Hate UK, who are an organisation are working to challenge all forms of Hate Crime and discrimination.

What do you love about running your business?

“One of our favourite things about running our business is that we are doing what we love whilst making a positive impact in society. The product we produce is high quality, multi award winning and we are competitively priced at 7.99 for 11ml. Thus, making sustainable products accessible to everybody.”

And finally, what do you love about Birmingham?

“Birmingham is our home, we love the rich diversity of people and communities that just want to get on and do the best they can. Birmingham also has a rich resource of talent, which is why in a previous life I relocated a European head office from Zurich Switzerland to Birmingham.”

People can get in touch via their website ( or Instagram (@earthynailpolish), or find their products at the Red Brick Market in Digbeth.

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