STAMP: Wear your way to net zero

Meet Dervla and Max, the creative duo between the ethical clothing brand Stamp Clothing.

Stamp clothing are an edgy, fun clothing range with a conscience. They focus on delivering clothes that you can look good in and feel good about. They combat the fast fashion industry by avoiding materials with plastic fibres and utilising environmentally friendly inks for their graphics.

By using 100% organic, non-GMO cotton, they reduce fashion’s impact on global warming, soil erosion, acidification of land and water. Stamp source all materials from natural farming facilities, protecting the wellbeing of farmers, and use clothing manufacturers that are not only GOTS certified but a PETA-approved vegan company.

At their headquarters in Digbeth, they finish off their stand-out designs with their inhouse screen-printing facilities. All inks used are water based and non-toxic so no harsh chemicals are used anywhere in their supply-chain.

We also know, in life, not everything is perfect. That’s why Stamp sell their misprinted articles at a discounted price to reduce waste which, in our opinion, is pretty awesome.

We asked Dervla and Max some questions to learn more:

What do you love about running your business?

We started our business whilst we both attended university studying creative

subjects, I think school and university forces you to think creatively and pushes you

to have to come up with new ideas. Since leaving university we can see a change

in creative productivity due to general life, however Stamp continues and pushes us

to be creative and we are thankful it hasn’t been lost for us when leaving education.

From starting back in 2020, we have also learnt so many new things, from how to

cut wine bottles in half to using beetroot to dye fabric, these are things that we

would have never been able to experience or learn had it not been for Stamp and

we love that we continually learn new and fun things through the running’s of our


In the last year, since starting doing pop-ups and events at markets we have met so

many people, business owners, and customers that have become big parts of our

journey, there is such a community that we have been lucky enough to know and

get involved with.

Running our business is also very rewarding, whether that’s through offering an

alternative sustainable product which tries to combat the fast fashion industry, or

seeing customers buy our products that we designed and created, to be able to

chat about our passion with them feels super rewarding.

Finally, what do you love about Birmingham?

I believe people are always taking in their surroundings and being sub-consciously

influenced by what we hear, smell and see. Being based in Digbeth, the creative

quarter of Birmingham, we come across inspirations constantly that encourage

designs and come through in other parts of our work, whether that’s through the

environments, people, or artworks. For example, our recent drop of t-shirts was

inspired through all the graffiti that Digbeth is famous for.

The community within Digbeth and the independents in the city has also been such

a great way to meet new people, and get involved with more opportunities, the

support from the people and businesses from the community has been incredible

and so helpful for us in Stamps lifetime. We are currently stocked in Labclo. an

independent clothing shop and are in the running’s of doing a collaboration and

launch event next month!

Our love for Birmingham is fueled through the memories we have been fortunate to

make and continue to make through living in this ever-changing city, since moving

here in 2018, Birmingham has evolved rapidly and we have enjoyed seeing this

timeline of change. We are proud that Stamp was founded and is a Birmingham

based brand.

We Love Stamp clothing and how they are changing the fashion industry. You can shop their

collection at and and follow their story on Instagram


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