Kilo Ziro- A night out that won’t cost the world

Meet Jeanette and Tom, a couple of eco-heroes you may recognise. From originally pioneering the zero waste supermarket market, they’ve set their sights on a new kind of project…

The UKs first zero waste bar!

You heard it here folks, you can now enjoy your favourite drink in a trendy bar with the reassuring knowledge that you’re helping to save the planet.

Set in the trendy region of Digbeth in an old bank vault, the Kilo Ziro hosts a great night out with a carbon-neutral price-tag.

The interior of the bar, whilst it may look glam and chic in its art-deco design, is all reclaimed decoration. With the bar itself from a closed down business and flower décor from an old film set, there really isn’t a detail that’s been missed.

Their famous wine tap wall is supplied by behind the scenes kegs which are sent for refills of sustainable wines regularly. You can even fill up a bottle of your favourite and take it home with you. We loved pouring ourselves a glass! All spirits are refillable with a selection of carbon negative and locally produced drinks to choose from.

Lemons and limes rack up a shocking amount of organic waste from bars, so the Kilo Ziro simply do not use them. By replacing their citrus garnishes with a sours cocktail for punch and home grown herbs and fruits, they reduce this organic waste 100%.

If you’d love to find out more check out their Instagram (@KiloZirobar ) and website ( ) or simply head on down to their place in Digbeth for live music and a guilt free drink!

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