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Verbena Kitchen (named after the verbena plant, which symbolises creativity) is a restaurant in Stirchley, run by Chloe. They serve local and in-season modern food, and everything is made from scratch on site. Some of their ingredients are even foraged in Birmingham! They also run pay-as-you-feel dinner clubs, using leftovers from the kitchen that would otherwise go to waste – what a fantastic idea! They are also a completely women-led team from the top down, and Chloe’s aim on starting the restaurant was to be an inclusive, welcoming place that encourages women into hospitality.

We asked Chloe some questions:

What do you need to consider to ensure your business is as sustainable as possible?

“We try to always have an environmentally conscious attitude when decision making, for example we will consider biodegradable alternatives when we buy traditionally plastic products like gloves or piping bags. We also try and limit food waste where possible by using leftovers in staff food and again prepping with a low waste attitude.”

What do you love about running your business?

“I love the guests we serve and the flexibility being self-employed offers. I also like that I’m able to implement changes I always wanted to see, with how staff are treated as well as environmental concerns.”

And finally, what do you love about Birmingham?

“I love how quickly the food scene is developing. Birmingham five years ago was a totally different place and I love that we’re part of the changing food scene! I hope that the rest of UK start to see Brum as a good food place rather than our industrial reputation.”

You can find Verbena on Instagram (@verbenakitchen) or online (

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