Naimeh Elizabeth Design-Be Clothes Minded, Not Closed Minded

Naimeh Elizabeth Design offers a fashion design and consultancy service to both established companies and start up brands. They provide a flexible service based on their clients’ requirements, and having always worked on designs from the initial idea right through to the final product, they can provide support to start-up companies throughout the entire process until launch.

Naimeh is incredibly passionate about nature and loves exploring the outdoors, and realises that we don’t have a future without acting more sustainably. She is also passionate about promoting garment workers’ rights, which is a gender equality issue, as roughly 80% of garment workers are women.

What do you need to consider to ensure your business is as sustainable as possible?

“I make sure my practices are in line with my ethics, and I work with companies that are purpose driven and care about sustainability or want to improve. Sustainability is considered at every aspect of my design process from designing for longevity to sourcing sustainable materials and trims.”

What do you love about running your business?

“I love how varied my projects can be and collaborating with different people who are passionate about what they want to achieve. I also really enjoy seeing my clients most of which have no previous experience in fashion launch their collections, it’s really nice to have helped make that happen.”

And finally, what do you love about Birmingham?

“I really like how culturally diverse Birmingham is, it’s a friendly and pleasant place to live. There is also so much going on, there are lots of events and you are spoilt for choice on where to go for food and drink.”

You can get in touch with Naimeh via email (, on Instagram (@naimeh_elizabeth_design) or via her website –

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