Scrubbee- Upcycle your skincare routine

Meet Maddie, founder and CEO of Scrubbee, the upcycled, good for the planet and your skin scrub range.

Maddie invented Scrubbee whilst at university after working in a coffee shop and witnessing the outlandish waste that comes from discarded coffee grounds. Maddie was on a tight student budget and was conscious that this valuable by-product was being wasted to landfill every day.

It was then that Scrubbee was born to help other like-minded, eco-conscious students get control of their skin. This enterprise grew past university and was born into the amazing scrubs we at SustainaBrum use today!

We asked Maddie some questions:

Which ways do you take sustainability into consideration when running your business?

Our packaging, ingredients and manufacturing processes are all considered! We manufacture everything in the UK and all our suppliers are based in the UK.

Find out more: Sustainability — Scrubbee

What do you love about running your business?

I absolutely love the creativity! We can go from one day having a new product idea to the next day having designed the packaging and pulled together a list of core ingredients! There is such ability to be as free as possible.

And finally, what do you love about Birmingham?

I love the diversity. It is insanely important that all voices are heard and feel comfortable, and I think Birmingham has a unique ability to make everyone feel welcome.

You can find Scrubbee online at and on Instagram @ScrubbeeUK

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