Vesta Living- Clean up your muddy footprints and your carbon footprint!

Meet Bryony, the owner of Vesta Living, a sustainable homeware brand. She started the business in 2018, when she was shocked watching BBC One’s Blue Planet, and wanted to have positive impact herself.

She decided to focus on wipes (for the face, baby care and cleaning), because the majority of people were unaware of the impact these disposable, single-use items have (that are typically made of plastic, and do not biodegrade), and at the time a sustainable alternative didn’t exist in the UK.

Her wipes are made from 100% certified organic cotton flannel – being organic is important to reduce the impact of harmful pesticides, and better for the end-of-life disposal. Her wipes are also very long-lasting, and Bryony herself is still using wipes that she made 3 years ago! She is having a big impact, with an estimated 1 million wipes saved from landfill during her first year in business alone!

We asked Bryony a few questions:

What do you need to consider to ensure you are as sustainable as possible?

  • Mainly where I am sourcing my materials (both the fabric and the thread), so the factories are verified
  • Small batch sizes to reduce waste

What do you love about running your business?

“I love the freedom that owning my own business gives me, and love that I am having a positive impact. It is also wonderful when I see people loving products that I’ve made.”

And finally, what do you love about Birmingham?

“I love that the suburbs of Birmingham all have their own identities, I love the beautiful parks and green spaces, and the number of independent business that we have in our city!”

What to try Bryony’s products yourself?! Find her on Instagram (@vesta_living) or check out her website:

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